Articles, Interviews, and Reviews: Future Bible Heroes

Articles and Interviews

The Boston Phoenix "1998 Best Music Poll": Future Bible Heroes win "Best Local Electronica"
The Boston Phoenix Article/Interview with Chris Ewen
Rockpile Online Article/Interview
Oculus Article/Interview
The Worcester Phoenix Article
BMI Copy Writes Article

Album/EP Reviews

Reviews of I'm Lonely (And I Love It)

Bombast-xxx *added 5/1/01*
Consumable *added 5/1/01*
Dallas Observer *added 5/1/01*
Music Emissions *added 5/1/01*
The War Against Silence
Drawer B
Freaky Trigger

Reviews of Lonely Days

Freaky Trigger: "100 Best Singles of the 90s"
Instant Entertainment
Review by Al Crawford
The War Against Silence

Reviews of Memories of Love

Time Out New York *added 5/1/01*
Almost Cool
Review by Robert Burns Neveldine
Review by Jeffrey Norman
Rockpile Online
Stewart Mason's Album of the Month
Myths & Allegories
gRASA e-zINE (gez) (in Spanish!)
University of Washington Daily
Queer Zine Explosion
Twee Kitten
Review by Al Crawford
Salon Review by Douglas Wolk
Request Review by Ira Robbins
The War Against Silence
Westword  (with .AIFF audio files of "But You're So Beautiful," "Hopeless," and "Blond Adonis")
Review of Memories of Love

Compilation Appearances

Review of Reproductions: Songs of the Human League
(includes cover of "Don't You Want Me?")

Drawer B *added 5/1/01*

Reviews of Mystique
(includes the "Lonely Days" remix)

Review by Jeffrey Norman
Sound Affects

Reviews of Red Hot + Bothered
(includes the Stephin-sings version of "Hopeless")

The Chronicle
The War Against Silence

Miscellaneous Articles

TimeOut NY Jukebox Jury with Diamanda Galás (includes comments on "I'm Lonely (and I Love It)")

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