Articles and Reviews: the 6ths and the Gothic Archies

Reviews of The New Despair by the Gothic Archies

Weekly Wire
CMJ Online
Review by Al Crawford
The War Against Silence
Review of The New Despair
Worcester Phoenix Review by Douglas Wolk

Reviews of Hyacinths and Thistles by the 6ths

Time Out New York *added 5/1/01*
Review by Jeffrey Norman *added 5/1/01*
Dallas Observer
New York Observer
Freaky Trigger
USA Today
CD Consumer
Drawer B

Reviews of Wasps' Nests by the 6ths

Review (in German!)
Pop Kulcher
People Online
The Rice Thresher
Addicted to Noise (with MPEG and .AU audio files)
Twee Kitten

Review of the "Heaven in a Black Leather Jacket" 7" single by the 6ths

Caught in Flux

Compilation Appearances

Review of Reproductions: Songs of the Human League
(includes the 6ths' cover of "Human")

Drawer B *added 5/1/01*

Miscellaneous Articles

Georgetown Voice Article/Interview with Dean Wareham (mention of involvement with the 6ths) *added 5/1/01*
Gravity Girl Interview with Chris Knox (mention of involvement with the 6ths)
Spunk Interview with Chris Knox (mention of involvement with the 6ths)

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