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Official Site and Fan Sites

The House of Tomorrow - the Official Site
information, news, and a discography for all of Stephin's bands

Stephin Merritt Album Gallery *updated 2/5/03*
 pictures of nearly all Merritt-related releases!

69 Love Songs *added 11/1/04*
A song-by-song guide, brimming with interesting tidbits

The Magnetic Fields
a fan site with a personal touch

Holiday: the Magnetic Fields
a fine site with lyrics and several audio files

The Distant Plastic Treehouse
"a hangout for Stephin Merritt fans"

The Magnetic Fields Clubhouse
message board, chat room, and more at Yahoo! Clubs

The Green Magnetic Fields Page
pictures, sound files, and more

The Magnetic Fields Bulletin Board
scattered, spirited, on and off-topic discussions

The Twee Kitten
teeny pages for the Magnetic Fields and the 6ths

teeny page for Future Bible Heroes

TweeNet USA or TweeNet Europe
short discography and contact info

Stephinsongs:  the Music and Lyrics of Stephin Merritt
mailing list info, guitar tablature, trivia, set lists, the Stephin Merritt game, and links

Record Labels

Merge Records
former home of the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, and the Gothic Archies
The Magnetic Fields bio at Merge

Nonesuch Records *added 2/5/03*
current home of the Magnetic Fields

Instinct Records *added 2/5/03*
current home of Future Bible Heroes

Slow River Records
former home of Future Bible Heroes

London Records
former home of the 6ths
they also released the Welcome to the Dollhouse soundtrack
that features "O! What a Dream It Was" by Future Bible Heroes

Setanta Records
they released the Magnetic Fields albums The Charm of the Highway Strip and
Get Lost (two different editions) along with the Future Bible Heroes' Lonely Days EP in the United Kingdom

Zomba Records
they distribute the Magnetic Fields triple album 69 Love Songs in Germany

Elefant Records
they released the Future Bible Heroes album Memories of Love in Spain
see also this Vibrafon page with Elefant releases

Season Records
they released the Munch and Munch (Part Two) video compilations, both of which include the Magnetic Fields

 Drive-In Records
they distribute NTSC VHS tapes of the Munch and Munch (Part Two) video compilations

Hello Music Club
they released the Gothic Archies' Looming in the Gloom EP in 1996

Factory Records (this site is currently down)
they released the 6ths album Wasps' Nests in the United Kingdom

March Records *added 5/1/01*
they released Reproductions: Songs of the Human League which includes the 6ths' cover of "Human,"
the Future Bible Heroes' cover of "Don't You Want Me?" and Stephin Merritt's cover of the theme from Get Carter

Knitting Factory Records
they released Knitting on the Roof which includes the Magnetic Fields' cover of "If I Were a Rich Man"

Emperor Norton Records
they released Pop Romantique which includes the Magnetic Fields' cover of "Le Tourbillion"
see also the March Records page for Pop Romantique

Beggars Banquet Records
they released Random, the Gary Numan tribute album that includes the Magnetic Fields' cover of "I Die: You Die"

Motorway Records
they released the "Why I Cry" b/w "The Man Amplifier" single by the Magnetic Fields

spinART Records
they released the ...One Last Kiss CD that includes "100,000 Fireflies" by the Magnetic Fields

Sealed Fate Records
they released the Mystique CD that includes a remix of "Lonely Days" by Future Bible Heroes

Reprise Records
they released the Red Hot + Bothered compilation that includes "Hopeless" by Future Bible Heroes

Related Bands

The Three Terrors
Stephin Merritt, Dudley Klute, and ld beghtol singing their hearts out
gaze at the "...Go Hollywood" poster here *added 5/1/01*

band in which ld beghtol sings and writes songs

The Moth Wranglers
collaboration between ld beghtol and Chris Xefos

Honeybunch at the Twee Kitten
pop band in which Claudia Gonson plays drums

The Official Figures on a Beach Page
band from the 1980s in which Chris Ewen played keyboards

Multimedia Resources


RealPlayer video of Stephin Merritt performing "My Funny Valentine" on *added 5/1/01*

video for "With Whom to Dance?" (uses Windows Media Player) *added 5/1/01*

complete videos for "Born on a Train" and "With Whom to Dance?" (requires RealPlayer G2)


Morning Becomes Eclectic show on KCRW featuring the Magnetic Fields in RealAudio *added 5/1/01*

mp3 file of a song about Count Olaf (a character in books by Lemony Snicket) called "Scream and Run Away,"
performed by the Baudelaire Memorial Orchestra (Stephin Merritt and Daniel Handler)

"I Don't Believe You" by the Magnetic Fields in RealAudio, archived from the Benno radio show in Sweden

Morning Edition review of 69 Love Songs by Will Hermes in RealAudio

mp3 file of "If I Were a Rich Man" by the Magnetic Fields on the Knitting Factory Records web site

RealAudio streams of Stephin Merritt's appearance on Fresh Air28.8 or ISDN speeds


The Magnetic Fields live at Shepherd's Bush Empire, London (11/1/00) *added 5/1/01*
The Magnetic Fields live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (7/25/00) another site *added 5/1/01*
The Magnetic Fields live at the Noise Pop Festival at Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco, CA (3/5/00) *added 5/1/01*
The Magnetic Fields live at Battery Park, NYC (8/3/00)
The Magnetic Fields live at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London (7/25/00)
Stephin Merritt and Irving in Magnet
The Magnetic Fields live at Tipitina's Uptown, New Orleans, LA (5/22/00): Stephin, Sam and John, Claudia
Stephin Merritt and his chihuahua Irving on the cover of Puncture
The Three Terrors
The Magnetic Fields live at the Middle East (broken link)
The Magnetic Fields live at Now! Music and Fashion in Arlington, VA (1/22/00)
The Magnetic Fields live at the Sapphire Supper Club in Orlando, FL (7/29/98)
Robey stabbing the Magnetic Fields
Cyber-Jerk Photogallery: happy Claudia and sad Stephin

Miscellaneous Sites

Pop Culture Icons!
contains a desktop icon of Stephin Merritt

this page includes a drawing of the Magnetic Fields live and band autographs, all done on a Palm Pilot

The Knitting Circle
biography for Stephin Merritt, discography, and press clippings

Can you spot the boxed set in this picture?  (Way to go, Tasha!)

Info about Stephin Merritt and the color he named, Carolyn Eve Green: Pantone® 7498

page for 69 Love Songs
and (hopefully) the transcript of an online chat session with Claudia Gonson (not up yet as of 8/20/00)

Chickfactor at Insound contains these juicy tidbits:
Interview with Momus: (mentions "As You Turn to Go")
What live music event altered your life and why?: (responses from various members of the Magnetic Fields)
What reunion show would you dish out the big bucks for?: (responses from various members of the Magnetic Fields)

Stephin Merritt Concordance

Lemony Snicket (alt location)
Daniel Handler's alter ego - the author of disturbing children's books

I'm Sorry I Wasted Your Summer
short story written by Stephin Merritt

I Went Down (this site is currently down)
site for the film that features two Magnetic Fields songs

Scott Fagan Albums
pictures of albums by Stephin Merritt's father

Verfrumdungseffekt - the Songs of Stephin Merritt (.mp3 files are no longer available here)
this is an 18-track tribute album that is being distributed freely
as .MP3 sound files on the web and also on CDs/cassettes

 His Amerikong Tour Diary mentions his recording session with Stephin for the 6ths song "As You Turn to Go"
His documentary CD Fakeways: Manhattan Folk features Stephin Merritt

features paintings for The New Despair - images inspired by the music of Stephin Merritt
(this replaces The Artery)

The Web Site of Pete and Pete
about the Nickelodeon show The Adventures of Pete and Pete, on which songs by
the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, and the Gothic Archies were used

Dirt, Tricks, & Dirty Tricks: The Helium U.S.A. Page
includes a brief page on the 6ths and a page for "All Dressed Up in Dreams"
with lyrics and .AU, .AIFF, and .WAV audio files

The Matador Records Site contains these juicy tidbits:
A Jukebox Jury with Run On: (comments on "Rats in the Garbage of the Western World")
The End of Subjectivity: (0 rating? Gimme a break.)
What is Your Worst Memory of Playing with Yo La Tengo?

General Online Music Guides

Green UFOs (in Spanish!) *added 5/1/01*
pages for the Magnetic Fields and Future Bible Heroes

Ultimate Band List (UBL.COM)
related sites

biography, reviews, RealAudio tracks, etc.

Rough Guide to Rock
history of the Magnetic Fields

Rolling Stone Network
teeny page for the Magnetic Fields

WWW Music Database
contains brief reviews of albums by the Magnetic Fields and the 6ths

All-Music Guide
pages on Stephin Merritt, the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, Future Bible Heroes, and the Gothic Archies
(use their search engine to navigate)

Microsoft's Music Central
brief pages on Stephin Merritt, the Magnetic Fields, the 6ths, and Future Bible Heroes

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