NEWS FROM 2002-2003

February 5, 2003:  The new EP from Future Bible Heroes, The Lonely Robot, was released on January 21 on Instinct Records.  It features five remixes of tracks from Eternal Youth and two new songs: 

1. The DJ from Outer Space
2. Losing Your Affection (Client on Demand Mix)
3. The World is a Disco Ball (Rob Rives Club Mix)
4. Losing Your Affection (Sunroof Mix)
 5. I'm a Vampire (Extended Mix)
6. Losing Your Affection (Soft Cell 12" Mix)
7. The Lonely Robot

Merritt-related release roundup, 2002 (a.k.a. completist checklist): 
* Stephin Merritt: Eban & Charley soundtrack (Merge) 
* Future Bible Heroes: Eternal Youth (Instinct) 
* Various Artists: Survive and Advance, Vol. 1 (includes "Smile: No One Cares How You Feel" by the Gothic Archies) (Merge) 
* Various Artists:*pilation a.k.a. All's Fair in Love and...Chickfactor: cf mixtape1 (includes "I Don't Believe You" by the Magnetic Fields) (Enchanté)
* Various Artists: 12 Tales (includes "O! What a Dream It Was" by Future Bible Heroes; this track was previously released on the Welcome to the Dollhouse soundtrack album) (Instinct)

* Coraline by Neil Gaiman (audio book version includes excerpts of "You Are Not My Mother and I Want to Go Home" by the Gothic Archies) (HarperAudio) 
* A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket, books 6-9 (audio book versions include music by the Gothic Archies) (HarperAudio) 

August 9, 2002:  There is a new Future Bible Heroes web site at, and their new album, Eternal Youth, will be released on August 20 on Circus Records in Europe and on Instinct Records for the rest of the world. Claudia Gonson sings the ten vocal Merritt-written tracks, and six other songs are instrumentals by Chris Ewen. (thanks to Chris Ewen 

The new low-priced Merge Records compilation, Survive and Advance, Vol. 1, features a new Gothic Archies track, "Smile: No One Cares How You Feel."  

On Sunday, September 15, the Three Terrors will present "Their 1885 Transploding Styrofoam Holo-Graphic Octopus - Songs of Drink, Drugs & Delirium" at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC. Their press release states:  

After months of planning and searching, sampling and distilling, The Three Terrors have assembled a rare and exotic cocktail of tunes about their very favorite state of being: Intoxication. Featured will be radical interpretations of famous and not-so-famous songs about drink, drugs, and delirium from many eras - including most everything from 19th-century Temperance songs to mind-bending 60s psychedelia and far beyond. Old and new chemical favorites from Absinthe to Zacateces Purple will be explored during the course of this special evening. Thrill to the trippy light show and the twirling belly dancer as well the arcane musical selections and general mayhem audiences have come to expect from a Terrors event. Make sure to wear some flowers in your hair. 

 Should you attend this? Why, yes, of course. (thanks to John St. Denis 

February 21, 2002:  Stephin Merritt's soundtrack for the film Eban & Charley was released on Merge Records.  Merritt reveals his experimental side on this mostly-instrumental album, which also features several lovely lyrical tracks.  

The Magnetic Fields have signed a multi-album deal with Nonesuch Records, home of such artists and composers as Laurie Anderson, Steve Reich, and John Adams.  A new Magnetic Fields album is tentatively scheduled to be released this autumn.  

For the last time ever, the Magnetic Fields will perform the entirety of 69 Love Songs over two nights, March 1 and 2, at Alice Tully Hall in New York City.  These shows have long since been sold out, so beg, bid, blackmail, or steal.  

According to this article from Billboard, Merritt is collaborating with theatre director Shi-Zhen Chen "...on a modern version of the ancient Chinese opera The Orphan of Zhao" and a new Future Bible Heroes album will be released on Instinct Records this year.  (thanks to Bill Weber 

On February 23, after a screening of the documentary Money For Nothing: Behind the Business of Pop Music in NYC, Claudia Gonson will be included in a panel discussion with the film's makers, area musicians, and others in the music industry.  Details are here.  (thanks to Mike Burke)

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