NEWS FROM 1999  

October 24, 1999:  The guitar tab for 69 Love Songs volume 2 has been completed.  Volume 3 will not be ready until 2000 - sorry! 

October 16, 1999:  All 2500 copies of the 69 Love Songs boxed set were sold out on the day of its release, but don't fret if you didn't get your hands on one.  Merge Records will make a new batch, which should be ready any day now.  Reserve a copy or two on their web site now.  It's never too early for holiday shopping. 

The guitar tab site now includes 69 Love Songs volume 1 (plus half of volume 2 and just the lyrics for volume 3).  Keep checking back for more. 

August 30, 1999:  The Magnetic Fields will perform the entirety of 69 Love Songs at the Knitting Factory in NYC on September 9 and 10.  Zither-player extraordinaire Brian Dewan will open the first show, and toy piano whiz Margaret Leng Tan will open the second show.  This will kick off a tour of the Midwest and West Coast; consult the Merge Records tour date page for the latest info.  

July 2, 1999:  If you can't make the whole weekend, the Magnetic Fields will play at the Merge 10K (a.k.a. Mergefest II) on Friday, July 23 at 11 PM.  The 10th anniversary compilation, Oh, Merge, features an alternate version of the Magnetic Fields' "Take Ecstasy with Me" sung by Susan Anway; this album will be released on July 6.   

On July 24, the Magnetic Fields will perform at the Black Cat (Washington DC) with Aden and maybe Versus also.   

May 13, 1999:  The Magnetic Fields will play a set at the Bowery Ballroom (Delancey at Chrystie Street) in NYC on May 21. Tickets are $10 and may be ordered online here or from the Mercury Lounge box office.  It is an 18+ show, and the opening acts are Flare and Honeybunch.    

The Magnetic Fields are scheduled to perform at Mergefest II, the 10 year anniversary celebration of Merge Records.  This event will be hosted by the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina on July 22-24.  Advance tickets will be available in the near future at this web site.    

The release date for the new triple-CD album 69 Love Songs by the Magnetic Fields has been set for September 7, 1999.    

March 13, 1999: The Magnetic Fields contributed a cover of "Le Tourbillion" to the Pop Romantique compilation of French pop classics on Emperor Norton Records.  A remix of the Future Bible Heroes track "Lonely Days" appears on the Mystique compilation, an A.I.D.S. benefit album, on Sealed Fate Records.  You can order Mystique directly from Sealed Fate, and if your local record store doesn't have Pop Romantique, these two online indie-friendly distributors carry it:  Darla Records and Parasol Records.   

January 9, 1999: The Magnetic Fields releases Holiday and The House of Tomorrow are due for re-release on Merge Records on January 12.  Both have been re-mastered and include new artwork. 

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