The Magnetic Fields
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Update:  Love at the Bottom of the Sea tablature added (9/13/12)

The Magnetic Fields
Distant Plastic TreesThe Wayward Bus
The House of TomorrowHolidayThe Charm of the Highway Strip
Get LostB-Sides/Compilations
69 Love Songs vol 169 Love Songs vol 269 Love Songs vol 3
Pieces of April         i         Distortion
RealismLove at the Bottom of the Sea

The 6ths
Wasps' Nests + moreHyacinths and Thistles

Future Bible Heroes
Memories of Love, Lonely Days, I'm Lonely (and I Love It): coming eventually

The Gothic Archies
The New DespairThe Tragic Treasury

Stephin Merritt:  Eban and Charley 

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