Rats in the Garbage of the Western World
The Man Amplifier [Stuart Moxham]
Plant White Roses
Heroes [David Bowie/Brian Eno]
I Die: You Die [Gary Numan]
Smoke and Mirrors (Mark Robinson Remix)

BEACH-A-BOOP-BOOP A:002220  E:022100 x00230  E       A E x00230 E Eve   -   ry       day and every night We are really outta sight Frankie's here, so's Annette We're having fun getting wet (C): We're at the beach We're at the beach We're having fun We're at the beach We're always surfing dusk 'til dawn It's so hard to keep our swimsuits on (C) I'm gonna get me a groovy tan So's I can get me a groovy man (C)
RATS IN THE GARBAGE OF THE WESTERN WORLD             C#m:446654         E:022100 B:224442 This is the darkest place I've ever been but I like what little of you I've seen You stepped out of the TV screen  and into my most personal dreams C#m                  B           F#:244322   I don't want to go home with you  but the TV tells me what to do I don't want to fall in love with you but I've been conditioned to                 C#m         E              B (C): We are the rats in the garbage of the western world we are the rats in the garbage of the western world we are the rats in the garbage of the western world so let's dance.  I wouldn't look twice if I were sober enough but I can tell you're a diamond in the rough the way you don't talk and the way you don't walk just like a model  I know this is gonna be love In a place like this with a boy like you anything could happen if you want it to I want to shoot you and hang you on my wall but there's no film in my Polaroid (C) (C)
THE MAN AMPLIFIER (Stuart Moxham) (note: the original song uses these chords - C, F, G) A:002220    The Man Amplifier has everything but desire D:x00232              E:022100    Is a robot when he should A    Never tires, ever good And we're singing Parallel sympathy with you Skin to metal overture Take a walk, he's always near Like a shadow, never fear While we're singing Like a tower in the dark He can leave you feeling stark While his fingers fall away Love is climbing in his heart So we're singing Take a towel to his brow Soothe the features of the proud Lubricate the inner man Exercise him when you can And be singing
PLANT WHITE ROSES (note: in the original Susan-sings version, in the second chorus, "I wanna die" is sung before "and plan to cry") C:032010                   F:133211 C      G:320033 When I poured my heart out,   blood flowed   C                             F I planted you, watered you with tears     C               G          F  and watched you grow away from me  G                       F So much for my green thumb      G                  F I've overstayed my welcome                   C                  F (C): Plant white roses and plan to cry             C             G if I can't spend my life with you             C               F Plant white roses  I wanna die             C    G        C         F  if I can't spend my life with you          C         G (my life with you).    <- this line is only in the first chorus                           of the Stephin-sings version and in                           the first two choruses of the Susan-sings                           version When you're gone I stumble and fall I'm told you don't wanna stay around Those trains call  You're all I need but you need more than country songs You need to be getting along (C) BRIDGE:  Dm:x00231 G                C                    Bb:113331           F You'll have to stay, you'll have to stay and watch them grow You'll have to stay, you'll have to stay and watch them grow                C                    Bb                  F  G You'll have to stay, you'll have to stay and watch them grow (C)         C         F My life with you         C My life with you
HEROES (David Bowie/Brian Eno) E:022100     A:002220 I, I will be King     E                A And you, you will be Queen        D:x00232                 E Though nothing will drive them away        D        A             E We can beat them just for one day We can be heroes just for one day  And you, you can be mean And I, I'll drink all the time 'Cause we're lovers and that is a fact Yes, we're lovers and that is that  Though nothing will keep us together We could steal time just for one day We can be heroes Forever and ever What do you say?  I, I wish you could swim Like the dolphins, like the dolphins can swim Though nothing, nothing will keep us together We can beat them Forever and ever Oh, we can be heroes just for one day  I, I will be King And you, you will be Queen Though nothing will drive them away We can be heroes just for one day We can be us just for one day  I, I can remember Standing by the wall And the guns shot above our heads And we kissed as though nothing would fall And the shame was on the other side We can beat them forever and ever And we can be heroes just for one day  We can be heroes We can be heroes We can be heroes Just for one day We can be heroes We're nothing, and nothing will help us Maybe we're lying Then you better not stay But we could be safer Just for one day
I DIE: YOU DIE (Gary Numan) E---3--3--3-3--3--3-5--5--5-5--5--5- B----3--3--3-3--3--3-6--6--6-6--6--6 G-----0--0----0--0----5--5----5--5-- D----------------------------------- A----------------------------------- E-----------------------------------     xx0033          F:133211 E---0--0--0-1--1--01---------------- B----1--1--1-1--1---3--3--3-3--3--3- G-----0--0----0--0---3--3--3-3--3--3 D---------------------3--3----3--3-- A----------------------------------- E-----------------------------------     C:032010        Bb:113331 xx0033     This is not love                          F This is not even worth a point of view xx0033     In Echo Park I                               F pause for effect and whisper "Who are you?" C                            Bb (C): They crawl out of their holes for me And I die: you die C                                Bb      Hear them laugh, watch them turn on me And I die: you die C                            Bb      See my scars, they call me such things Tear me, tear me, tear me But I have your names Screaming "You will suffer" and "You're all too late" Now I feel young Does everything stop when the old dame fails? (C) But I'm still frightened by the telephone (note: it sounds like Stephin is singing "But I'm still waiting  for the telephone" instead of the original line)

SMOKE AND MIRRORS (MARK ROBINSON REMIX) (note: in the second line of the chorus, the chord progression is D A Bm G, not D A E like the original.  It sounds a little off, if  you ask me, but anyway, these chords reflect the crazy remix chords.) D:x00232                  A:002220 E:022100   G:320033 Someone else's world goes by as my train runs through this night Someone else's rain comes down but no rain can touch me now                       D             A               Bm:224432      G (C): Smoke and mirrors, special effects, a little fear, a little sex                 D             A                Bm       G That's all love is behind the tears  Smoke and mirrors.   We were foolish, you and I but there's no reason to cry  We put on a lovely show but that's all.  I had to go.  (C)  It feels like the end of time  No one to sing "Auld Lang Syne" I don't know the stations' names  I'll spend my life on this train (C)  Fumee et miroirs, effets speciaux, un pue de peur, un peu de sexe   Sous les larmes l'amour n'est que sa de la fumee et des miroirs.
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