1. I Die
2. I Don't Believe You
3. I Don't Really Love You Anymore
4. I Looked All Over Town
5. I Thought You Were My Boyfriend
6. I Was Born
7. I Wish I Had an Evil Twin
8. If There's Such a Thing as Love
9. I'm Tongue-Tied
10. In an Operetta
11. Infinitely Late at Night
12. Irma
13. Is This What They Used to Call Love?
14. It's Only Time

Special thanks to Rusty Spell for transcribing these lyrics

1. I DIE

C:032010   G:320033
I die when you walk by, so beautiful and strong,

each day you pass my way in your bubble where nothing goes wrong.

You think your youth a permanent truth,

    F:133211  G             F    G
but here is a tear for your eye:

having forgotten how to cry, I die.


Db:446664  Ab:466544  Gb:244322  Db
So you quote love    unquote   me;

               Ebm:668876  Gb        Ab
well, stranger things have come to be,

    Bbm:688666  Fm:133111 Gb   Eb:668886
but let's    agree   to   disagree,

       Db   Eb   Bbm     Gb
'cause I don't believe you

Db   Eb   Bbm     Gb   Db  Ab  Gb  Db  Ab  Gb
I don't believe you.

You tell me I'm not not cute.
Its truth or falsity is moot,
cause honesty's not your strong suit
and I don't believe you.

You tell me of what once was
and all about Buck, Butch, and Buzz,
how they were not like me because...
But I don't believe you.

Db        Ab                 Gb
  I had a dream and you were in it.

Db            Ab              Gb
  The blue of your eyes was infinite.

You seemed to be in love with me,

Db            Ab      Gb
  which isn't very realistic.

You may sing me "They Were You,"
and I start crying halfway through,
but nothing else you say is true,
so I don't believe you.

You may set your charm on stun
and say I'm delightful and fun,
but you say that to everyone.
Well, I don't believe you.

So you're brilliant, gorgeous, and
ampersand after ampersand.
You think I just don't understand,
but I don't believe you.


      G:320033            A:002220
True, I'd give my right arm

   D:x00232             G
to keep you safe from harm.

                       A           Bm:224432
And, true, for you I'd move to Ecuador.

        G                A
And I'd keep a little farm,

     D                  G
chop wood to keep you warm,

                     A          D
but I don't really love you anymore.

        G                  D              A
I don't have to love you now if I don't wish to.

        G           D                 A
I won't see you anyhow if that's an issue.

Because I am a gentleman.
Think of me as just your fan
who remembers every dress you ever wore
just the bad comedian
your new boyfriend's better than
cause I don't really love you anymore.

There'll be some day when your eyes do not enthrall me.
I'll be numb, I realize you'll never call me.

           G               A
Cause I've read your horoscope,

             D              G
and now I've given up all hope,

                    A          D
so I don't really love you anymore.


G:320033                        C:032010
  I wandered in these big blue shoes

D:x00232      G            D
  till we had nothing to lose.

C        D                    Em:022000   D      C
  Nobody wants you when you're    a    circus clown.

Bm:224432  Am:002210         D        G  (C  D  G  D)
I  should  know.  I looked all over town.

I guess folks just don't like my face.
They make out like I'm some disgrace.
But nothing's gonna change this painted frown.
And I know. I looked all over town.

Maybe somewhere I could be free,
somewhere they won't throw rocks at me,
somewhere this crazy hair could be my crown.
But all my life, I looked all over town.

So, whistling a circus tune,
I inflated one more balloon
and, as I floated up, I looked straight down,
and I looked all over town

          C               D        G
one last time. I looked all over town.


Bm:224432          D:x00232
You told me you loved me.

A:002220           E:022100
I know where and when.

D                A
Come sunrise, surprise surprise,

    Bm              E
the joke's on me again.

I know you don't love me.
You know I don't care.
Keep it hidden better.
Did I say the world was fair?

     Bm              D                   A
(C): I thought I was just the guy for you

and it would never end.

Bm                D                      A
I thought we were supposed to be like glue.

I thought you were my boyfriend.

I thought you were my boyfriend.

Love or not, I've always got ten guys on whom I can depend,
and if you're not mine, one less is nine; get wise.
I thought you were my boyfriend.
I thought you were my boyfriend.

I just hope you're happy
stringing me along.
While you're stringing, I'm here singing
this, my saddest song.
I wish I could see you.
I wish I could sleep.
Should I freak out? Should I seek out
someone I could keep?

  I wanted you tonight.

I walked around a lot,

G:320033         Em:022000       G           
wishing you were here to keep me from sleeping

  with anyone who might

want me, or even not.

G                 Em                 G   Bm       A         G   F#:244322
Some guys have a beer and they'll do anything, anything, anything



INTRO: F:133211, A:002220

I was born, I hate this part,

being someone new,

      F                          C           G:320033
being torn, seeing someone who died as you grew.

         F                   C
Growing older is killing a child

                  G           D:x00232
who laughed and smiled at anything,

          F                        C
growing colder and less and less wild

and learning to sing.

I was young, then not so young:

scary either way.

         F                         C         G
One more rung down that black ladder every day.

            F                 C
One more floor down the elevator

          G        D
to oblivion what fun,

        F                  G
but the singularly awful one

         F     A
is being born.


F:133211   C:032010    Bb:113331
  I wish I had an evil twin,

F               C            Bb
  running round doing people in.

F          C  G:320033
  I wish I had a very bad

and evil twin to do my will,
to cull and conquer, cut and kill,
just like I would if I weren't good

F          C               Bb
  and if I knew where to begin.

F     C      Bb
  Down and down he'd go:
how low, no one would know.
Sometimes the good life wears thin.
I wish I had an evil twin.

My evil twin would lie and steal,
and he would stink of sex appeal.
All men would writhe beneath his scythe.
He'd send the pretty ones to me
and they would think that I was he.
I'd hurt them, and I'd go scot-free.
I'd get no blame and feel no shame,
cause evil's not my cup of tea.

Down and down he'd go:
how low, I would not need to know.
All my life there should have been
an evil twin.


INTRO: D:x00232, G:320033, A:002220, D, G

        D        G        A
Now the clock is striking one,

               D      G
so we might as well begin it,

as there's dancing to be done
and our time is not infinite.

           G      D        A                     G
If there's such a thing as love (such a thing as love)

                  D        A         D
If there's such a thing as love, I'm in it.

So you claim you love me too.
Lloyd's of London guarantee it.
Gaze into these eyes of blue.
You do love me, I decree it.
If there's such a thing as love (such a thing as love)
If there's such a thing as love, give me it.

       D       A     F#:244322
When I was two-and-a-half,

my mama said to me,

"Love is funny; you will laugh

till the day you turn three."

Like a kitten up a tree
needs a fireman to rescue it,
so your fireman I will be,
and I'll really get into it.
If there's such a thing as love (such a thing as love)
If there's such a thing as love, let's do it.

I thought I'd known love before.
That was not it, but I thought it.
So I thought I'd win the war,
or I never would have fought it.
If there's such a thing as love (such a thing as love)
If there's such a thing as love, I've caught it.


        F:133211        C:032010
(C):I'm tongue-tied and useless.

    G:320033                      C   C7:032310
I'm weak-kneed and brainless, and then

I mumble some jumble,

    C            Am:002210
you kiss me, I'm hist'ry.

    F               G        C   C7
I'm tongue-tied and useless again.

   F               C               G
My heart pounds, I make sounds, my ears hum.

   F            C               G
My head pops, a shoe drops, I'm struck dumb.


You say things, the room swings, I feel faint.
I've no doubt I'll black out, grand love ain't.

I don't die, I say "Hi," how clever;
I turn blue, I love you forever.


    F               G        C
I'm tongue-tied and useless again.


            B:224442  E:022100   B
Sing me the kind  of  song  you  hear

         C#m:446654   E
in an operetta

         B    E    B
in an operetta.

Sing me the words I long to hear
out of Violetta
in an operetta.

         C#m                      E
She will fast be outcast from her castle,

with nary a friend.

     C#m                             E
But, since she's a princess, there's hints

of a prince in the end.

She'll enjoy some employ as a boy
with her named changed to Pip.
Soon, by gum, she'll become the brave captain
of some pirate ship.

Singing a thing fit for a king
in an operetta
in an operetta.
It's the all-singing, all-dancing
Princess Violetta
of the operetta,
in an operetta
within an operetta.


       C:032010  B:224442  Em:022000
It was infinitely late at night.

    Am:002210         B
The stars are still out there,

            Am          B
but they're all out of light.

      Em            B  C            B
Don't worry about me,  I'll be all right,

          C         B         Em
it's just infinitely late at night.

It's still getting later and later and later.

  Em                             D:x00232
I feel like I'm in a falling elevator.

I'd kill for a drink, but I can't find the waiter.

  C                        B
I really believe he's gone home.

   C                      B
Oh god, I wish I could go home,

         C         B         Em
but it's infinitely late at night.

Is this a blackout or am I losing my sight?
It should have been noon now, the sun should be bright,
but it's infinitely...

The hour on the bar clock, it isn't finite,
it's all black and white without the white.
It's just infinitely late at night.

12. IRMA

C#:446664  G#:466544
Irma waits by the window,

B:224442                      F#:244322
vaguely looking down at her socks

C#            G#
and humming.  Possibly her

B                              F#
father will come home with a box

C#                   B
of chocolates, possibly

C#                  B
not.  Father's memory

was never what it once was;
shouldn't really drive anymore,
either. As if in answer,
with a sound like blowing up your
ears, Father's jeep crashes
through Irma's wall. She says
bad words as several hundred
boxes of her favorite kind
of chocolates fill her bedroom,
but she doesn't actually mind.


Note: this song has some weird piano chords, so
I tried to use chords that match the sung melody.

  Feels like December, but it's May.

I've gone as pale as Doris Day.

    A#:113331        A
The blue sky's torn asunder

   Dm                  A#
by clouds that warn of thunder.

                  A             Dm
Is this what they used to call love?

Your face surrounds me everywhere,
like a kaleidoscope's nightmare.
This outpouring of emotion,
as boring as an ocean.
Is this what they used to call love?

         C:032010       F:133211
Well, it mustn't be the chickenpox:

     A#           C
I've never met a chicken.

But whenever I get near you, dear,

   A#              A
my heart starts to sicken.

In the ninth circle of this hell,
my heart is burning and unwell.
What demons lie within it?
I'll die in one more minute.
Is this what they used to call love?
Is this what they used to call love?


Why would I stop loving you a hundred years from now?

            G:320033  A:002220       D
It's only time.           It's only time.

What could stop this beating heart once it's made a vow?
It's only time.  It's only time.

   Em:022000               G            A
If rain won't change your mind, let it fall.

    Em                     G        A
The rain won't change my heart at all.

Lock this chain around my hand.  Throw away the key.
It's only time.  It's only time.
Years falling like grains of sand mean nothing to me.
It's only time.  It's only time.

If snow won't change your mind, let it fall.
The snow won't change my heart, not at all.

(I'll walk your lands)

      D          A
I'll walk your lands

(and swim your sea)

     D           A
and swim your sea.

Marry me, marry me
(and in your hands)
and in your hands
(I will be free)
I will be free.
Marry me, marry me

Why would I stop loving you a hundred years from now?

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