The Charm of the Highway Strip
1. Lonely Highway
2. Long Vermont Roads
3. Born on a Train
4. I Have the Moon
5. Two Characters in Search of a Country Song
6. Crowd of Drifters
7. Fear of Trains
8. When the Open Road is Closing in
9. Sunset City
10. Dust Bowl (instrumental)


Bb:688766     Eb:668886     F:133211
    I'm never going back to Jackson  

Gm:355333      Eb             F
    I couldn't bear to show my face  
I nearly killed you with my drinking  
Wouldn't be caught dead in that place

 Bb          G:355433 F
(C): Lonely highway -- Only friend  

Eb               Bb             F     C:032010 or 8-10-10-9-8-8
     You've got me to keep you warm again.
Lonely Highway -- Don't you cry.  
Let me hold you in my arms tonight.  

And as I hurtle down the highway  
Past the factories and the graves  
I think of all the years I wasted  
I think of all the years I've saved... (C) 

2. LONG VERMONT ROADS G:320033        F:133211      C:032010 Your eyes are long Vermont roads   With a tacky song on the radio   And your eyes are toothless young men   In Tennessee in the rain again.   And fireflies never go to sleep.   And country songs never help you sleep.           G                 F          C                   G (C): But after all those trains and all those breakdown lanes  The roads don't love you and they still won't pretend to   After all those days on godforsaken highways   The roads don't love you and they still won't pretend to.   Your eyes are the Mesa Verde  Big and brown and far away   And your eyes are Kansas City in Kansas and in Missouri (C) But after all this time and after all your crying The roads don't love you and they still won't pretend to   The roads are dark and long and all those country songs   Well, they don't love you and they still won't pretend to
3. BORN ON A TRAIN      B:224442  E:022100     F#:244322 Some roads are only seen at night   Ghost roads -- nothing but neon signs.   But some nights the neon gas gets free  and turns into walking dead like me            E                  F#        B                E (C): And I've been making promises I know I'll never keep One of these days I'm gonna leave you in your sleep   I'll have to go when the whistle blows, the whistle knows my name   E           F#        B Baby, I was born on a train.   Well I know that you were never young   And I know you probably won't get old   But honey nobody's gonna hurt you anymore   And nobody's going to make you want to die (C)  I'll go some cold and grey morning,  and you won't remember anything   Some people don't believe in dying,  but some of us don't believe in life (C)
4. I HAVE THE MOON         A:002220          002230               A               002230 We have walked in ancient times and we've been burned for many crimes         Bm:224432  E:022100     Bm           E We have ended many lives but we never really died                     D:x00232       A    0022300 (C): You have the sun I have the moon   You have to fly around the world all day to keep the sun upon your face   I'd like to come and comfort you but I'd be blinded by the blue (C)   You're bound to die under the sun and I'll be doomed to carry on   You have become like other men but let me kiss you once again (C)
5. TWO CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF A COUNTRY SONG                    F:133211                   C:032010 You were just like me        You were one big bruise                  G:320033                 Am:002210 In the game of life you were playing to lose   You were Jesse James  I was William Tell   You were Daniel Webster, I was the devil himself.       C             G                 F (C): Two characters in search of a country song   Just make-believe but so in love   Two characters been listening all night long   For voices from Nashville above. Hell on eighteen wheels at a hundred per   We went crashing through the Jersey barrier   But the road went on over dale and hill   You were Calamity Jane and I was Wild Bill (C)
6. CROWD OF DRIFTERS Em:022000                 F:133211  G:320033                D:x00232 Sometimes the road is too long        You meet all kinds of people   Some of them cast no shadow  They have no reflections   Take a look in your photobook  I'm not there anymore        C:032010 F         G        F (C): I was a  traveling salesman   I got lost on the backroads  Fell in with a crowd of drifters.  Sometimes the sun is too bright  And it burns you like acid   You get to love driving at night  The moon is so close you can kiss it   I used to remember you smiling and waving   I don't think I can anymore (C)  We come, unnoticed, at sundown  At the start of a blackout  We set bonfires all over town  And it's over by morning   Sometimes we bring the rat and the wolf  And sometimes the worm (C)
7. FEAR OF TRAINS            G:320033        F:133211       C:032010 It was the army train that took her daddy from her   It was the bible train that took her momma too            Am:002210                  F          G And that high loud whistle made her horse run away           G                   F                C But the straw the broke the camel's back was you    It was the government train that took away her childhood   It was the KKK that took away her past   It was the white man's will that hers be broken   But that barefoot girl could run too fast                    C                                 F (C): Because the world's too cold for a girl like that         C                            G with a Blackfoot soul and a cowboy hat       C                                       Am Everything she loved went down the dragon track                   C  G  F  C   She had a fear of trains.   C                          G    Dm:x00231                      Am       In the beet fields of Montana -- She's always coming on dead rails   to break the plow and whisper "Honey, bound to live is bound to fail"  And in a park in San Francisco her momma shrieks about the Lord   And down the dead rails there's an echo   The wind is whistling all-aboard (C)  It was the wagon train that took away her country  It was the oil train that took away her land   She could have been the belle of the ponderosa  but that was not the fat man's plan (C)
8. WHEN THE OPEN ROAD IS CLOSING IN G:320033                            C:032010           G Time -- measured in dotted yellow lines has passed you by   and I never said an honest thing to you in all my life        D:x00232 C                   G           D Hard times go slowly and the good times never come   The world is a motor inn in an Iowa highway slum      G             D                 C (C): When the open road is closing in           Em:022000          D            A:002220 And you can't say where it ends and you begin       Em              D               C                   B:224442 And every truckstop dive's another five years off your life   G             D                 C  When the open road is closing in           Em             D             A and the dotted yellow lines begin to spin         Em            D            C                 B   And the sky begins to fall on everything you like at all   Am:002210        D             Am    D    G       You won't be coming home again. Ciao You keep on drowning in the roads between the towns    Now, I have been closing all the shutters in the house   Well, I know you'll be back when every tree is turning brown You'll find the house is empty and the swing set's fallen down (C)
9. SUNSET CITY               G:320033         D:x00232                        G Well I don't care what people say  Life is too short to hang around   So I stay so long in a place and then move on to the next town       G                                Em:022000 (C): Sunset City  I've gotta see the world         D                          C           G Don't hold me too tightly  Don't whisper my name   Sad-eyed baby I'm not that kind of girl   When the dice stop rolling there's no more to the game           Em            G            D When the time comes to say goodbye... And in the morning I'll be gone for other towns and other lives   I'll catch the first train bag in hand  and I won't miss you and you won't cry. (C)
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