The House of Tomorrow
1. Young and Insane
2. Technical (You're So)
3. Alien Being
4. Love Goes Home to Paris in the Spring
5. Either You Don't Love Me or I Don't Love You


        G:320033 D:x00232 C:032010 D:x00232
In this town 
there is nothing at all  
But a brown school and a dead shopping mall 
The record store is execrable  
We sit around blowing bubbles

(C): 'Cause we're young and insane 
And we're running away for the summer
We're deprived and depraved  
And we won't get away with it, young and insane  

When you're free in an antique car  
For a week, you will know who you are  
In uninhabitable  
We go out to jump in puddles (C)

2. TECHNICAL (YOU'RE SO) F:133211            G:355433  F                        G You have prosthetic wings     You drive a surveillance van   You're always doing seven things   You write the code for brain implants   There are no papers on you   The law doesn't cover what you do   You and your think tank entourage   Are all counterculture demigods   (C): You're so technical, you go hacking around the world   You're so technical, baby,  Are you a boy or a girl?   You have some extra limbs   You look like a Swiss army knife (with wings)   Dance like a Hindu deity   Best friends with Timothy Leary (C)  You're a Libertarian   The death of the Left was you   You look like Herbert von Karajan   You live underneath the zoo (C)
3. ALIEN BEING A:002220             G:320033      D:x00232 You talk a lot about nothing at all   Watch TV shows about nothing at all Think a lot about nothing at all   Listen to songs about nothing at all (C): You have no feelings  I think you are an alien being   You won't let me in  I think you are an alien being.   You write the laws about nothing at all   Make 3D films about nothing at all   Stage happenings about nothing at all   Sound and light shows about nothing at all (C)  You complain about nothing at all   Go insane about nothing at all (C)
4. LOVE GOES HOME TO PARIS IN THE SPRING E------2---3-2---0-----0---2-0-------------0---------------0------- B--------3-----3-----2---2-----2-3-----3-----3---3-----3-----3---3- G----2-------------2---------------0-0---0-----4---0-0---0-----4--- D--0--------------------------------------------------------------- A------------------------------------------------------------------ E------------------------------------------------------------------ D:x00232                  A:002220           G:320033          I'm counting the habits you made me break   I'm counting the drugs you won't let me take   I'm counting the friends you won't let me see   (C): I've had enough   You never give me anything   Don't you know, love goes home to Paris in the Spring?   Adding up the hours I waited for you   I'm counting the calls that never came through   I'm counting my friends you melted away   I'm counting the times you were king for a day (C)
5. EITHER YOU DON'T LOVE ME OR I DON'T LOVE YOU A:002220                 G:320033       D:x00232           A:002220           Lost roads and towns of which nobody's found the name   All the children drowned and there's no one around to blame   Lost roads and towns left to wilder in seed and snow   As the sun goes down that's where I'd like to go (C): Every time you feel wonderful, baby, I feel bad   Either you don't love me or I don't love you, oh yeah   When you remind me of all the good times I feel sad   Either you don't love me or I don't love you oh yeah. You and me in the waiting room of a disused railroad station   Scavenging for a few antiques, we'll make a fortune just have patience   If we find an old signal box you can write your dissertation (C)
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