The Wayward Bus
1. When You Were My Baby
2. The Saddest Story Ever Told
3. Lovers from the Moon
4. Candy
5. Tokyo Á Go-Go
6. Summer Lies
7. Old Orchard Beach
8. Jeremy
9. Dancing in Your Eyes
10. Suddenly There Is a Tidal Wave


F:133211                                   Bb:113331         C:335553
  We walked alone in the rain and lightning when you were my baby  
So much in love it was almost frightening when you were my baby 

Bb          C                  Bb                C 
  Everybody called you a fool  When you wouldn't play by the rules  

Bb              C
  Everybody was wrong.  Oahu.  

There was nowhere to run away to when you were my baby  
Everybody began to hate you when you were my baby  
Time wasn't on our side  Me and my foolish pride  
Then I said goodbye.  Oahu.  

                         Gm:355333 Bb    C
Now you've gone away and left me   on my own

                         Gm      Bb   C  
Now I'm walking down the highway all alone

                     Bb     F      C    Bb     F      C
On a rainy night and crying out my eyes crying out my eyes

Gm            Bb            C
Crying out my crying out my eyes
We were young, yeah, but old enough to... when you were my baby  
And I just couldn't help but love you when you were my baby  
Just the way you wore your hair  And the way you just didn't care  
And the way you danced 
do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do  
When you were my baby

2. THE SADDEST STORY EVER TOLD    G:320033              C:032010 G          C                 D:x00232 We used to go out on the summer   nights and dance in the neon rain   We used to hold hands at the movie show but we'll never hold hands again      C        G       D              C        G       D  Do do do do do come on come on  Do do do do do come on come on       G     D        C     G       D      C                  D (C): Those days are gone  You and I were young those summer nights   You'll see the world diving for a girl you'll never find                 Em:022000 D     C                D          G and then we'll quietly    grow old: the saddest story ever told.   Once upon a time we fell in love or at least that's what you said   You say I can find someone else but I just wish I was dead   Do do do do do come on come on  Do do do do do come on come on. (C)
3. LOVERS FROM THE MOON               G:320033 C:032010         D:x00232 They say everyone you  touch turns to gold   They say we're too young I think we're too old,          G    C            Em:022000  C                    D ugly as sin, pale, and thin          They've been wrong before     They say you're a frog prince swollen with pride,  always a bridesmaid, never a bride,  getting confused in Santa Cruz, living in a dream       G                   D         C                 D (C): Touching across the room like lovers from the moon   Dancing all night to the tune of Lovers from the Moon.    I'm not afraid to walk hand in hand  I think we were made to lie in the sand  decadently by the sea, under the sun. (C)
4. CANDY A:002220                D:x00232              E:022100 Candy, it's been really nice, but I've got to go  'cause I can't be the part of your life you don't wanna know                A   E            D            (C): ...and I can't keep lying all the time        A                  E                  G:320033        D and I know you'll find a better man they're all too easy to find      F#m:244222 E   D                                A and I'll just go away somewhere and slowly lose my mind.   Candy, they called you a baby, they called you a whore  and I can't see the light at the end for you anymore (C)   Candy, I can't be the man they want me to be.   Maybe it was only with you that I could be me.  (C)

5. TOKYO Á GO-GO Em:022000     Am:002210   D:x00232      C:032010     I was only doing my job for the Company  with a gun in my pocket and no identity  I fell in love with you but we're not free.          Am      Em    Am      Em (C): Tokyo Á go-go Tokyo Á go-go             C               D                  Em  the dancing spies with evil eyes that walk the night   Tokyo Á go-go Tokyo Á go-go  in colored scenes the dancing queens with laser beams.   You were just another boy only seventeen  well designed for giving pleasure just a love machine   Now we've got to run away  We're turning green. (C)
6. SUMMER LIES C:032010     G:320033 Dm:x00231       G            Dm   We used to dance        like it was going out of style           G              Dm        C when you loved me for a while and I                  A#:688766 Am:577555 G:355433 F:133211 Em    G remember every word you  ever      said;             every kiss    We used to sing all the oldest songs we knew  but the words were never true for you  or was it all a game of solitaire played in the dark?       C:032010 Am:002210           G:320033                        C (C): All the  sweetest things you said and I believed were summer lies   Hanging in the willow trees like the dead were summer lies   I'll never fall in love again.   I whispered too but the things I said were true  and I gave up my whole world for you  I gave you all the best years of my life and half the worst  and now you're gone I pine and wane, pale and wan,  never knowing when it's dawn, curtains drawn,  hiding in my room, wasting away, cutting myself. (C)

7. OLD ORCHARD BEACH C:032010    F:133211   G:355433    C       F       G         Was there some part of you - tail, or hunchback;  that, when they cut it off, grew back?   You were a little girl with starry eyes -  now you're a sad young man and no one knows why.  (C): When we go dancing underneath the city in the catacombs   When we go dancing the strobe lights and the disco will bring us home.   I know Old Orchard Beach is where you belong   You can go back, but, baby, that won't make you young   The wind will blow or it won't  The stars come out or they don't   The world goes round or we get thrown into the stars. (C)
8. JEREMY           Bb:688766                      Eb:668886 We were young like the future  We were young and always wrong We were young like our country, learning old ways to be young Bb     Ab:466544   Eb        Bb       Ab   Eb     Bb Random driving around with you in my dilapidated car       Ab       Eb    Bb     Ab       Eb         F:8-8-10-10-10-8  like Isadora Duncan II in impossibly long white scarves  played after "scarves" with syncopation: E---8-----8--8-----8-----8-----8-----8---- B--10-----8-10----11----10-----8----10---- G--10----10-10----10----10----10----10---- D--10----10-10----10----10----10----10---- A----------------------------------------- E-----------------------------------------      Bb:688766      F:113211 Cm:335543     Eb:668886 (C): Autumn leaves, diaries, Tennessee and Jeremy   Suddenly, willow trees, memories of Jeremy.   Like a Galapagos turtle we grow old and stay that way,  build a nest in the sand dunes, lay our eggs and walk away   I was writing our dreams down, making maps of an unseen plane;  and I noticed anomalies that you'd rather not see explained. (C)     Bb     F      Eb           F              We drove, canopy down, in the scalding rain Bb                  Ab:466544 F            on the one day we were   young   Cm                                   F     The house we bought was really a lake   Cm                            F     Otters scampered down the halls    Cm                               F         Eb     There were whirlpools in the floor and sails            Bb                          Eb You're alone and it's over  You're alone with your gun
        Bb                            Eb
You're alone  From now on you're all alone and you're not young.

9. DANCING IN YOUR EYES F:8-8-10-10-10-8              Eb:668886 Bb:688766     C:8-10-10-9-8-8                    The summer came and  passed us by   We didn't care  We just let it die,  but, when we dance, just you and I,                             Bb           F           Eb  (C): When we walk hand in hand in the rain,  when we're young and in love once again,  we will dance in the autumn with the leaves in our hair   When I look I'll be dancing in your eyes   When I look I'll be dancing in your eyes.   You've gone away over the sea   You will return  It's meant to be   Never regret your time with me. (C)
10. SUDDENLY THERE IS A TIDAL WAVE D:x00232 A:002220  G:320033  D          A          G You held me upside-down till I couldn't breathe anymore  A                G              A Then you held me like a baby   Television, like wine; and cigarettes, like grains of sand;  and raspberry schnapps, like a thousand sunsets.            A:577655                    B:779877 (C): The boys talk like they own the world   The women keep their stupid diaries      E:022100                   F#:244322 but suddenly there's a tidal wave  and everything is sucked out to sea.   There were probably birds outside our little room  I don't remember anything but you   We must have been the butt of all the jokes in the world  for trying to live like Pippi Longstocking. (C) (C)

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